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'Ecstatic Dance' is medicine for the free spirit, the playful child that lives within all of us, but often is forgotten or dimmed down due to the way we were conditioned growing up in a society that doesn't allow for much individuality and creativity. (Wikipedia)


Our dance floor is a playground and everyone on it is invited to start the dance journey by closing their eyes, connecting to the breath and heart. We encourage everyone to actively listen and merge with the music and through slow and deep movements allowing the body to lead the way.

Our conscious party space is following the Global Guidelines of Ecstatic Dance providing a safe space to playfully explore your body in new ways to move and challenge ourselves to go beyond fear, self-judgement and physical limitations. By doing so participants commonly experience a sense of liberation, self-empowerment, elevated emotions and 'ecstatic' or trance states which helps them shifting into a freer, happier and more embodied way of life. 

Let GALEXiCA take you on a magical dance journey with her passionately crafted live DJ sets (listen on Soundcloud)

Cosmic Dance

Global Guidelines of
Ecstatic Dance:


No Phones, No Cameras


No Talking


No Substances (alcohol / drugs)


Listen for a YES, respect a NO


No Shoes


Dance in full expression, No Judgement

No prior experience or dance skills required!!!

Minimum Age 16

GALEXiCA is a passionate traveler and internationally performing artist, always looking to co-create and share her 'Music Medicine' with new conscious communities.

Recent performances:

Cosmic Dance, Cabarete DR - February & March 2022

Matriarch Rising Festival, SC USA - June 2022

Rainbow Dragon Fest, Cabarete DR - August 2022

Sol Harmony Fest, SC USA - September 2022

Corrito Sustenible, Santo Domingo DR - October 2022

Cabarete Collective Art Exhibition, Cabarete DR - December 2022

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