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Sound Journey

Intuitive Sound Journey with live instruments such as the Medicine Drum, Rattles, Bells, Chimes, Quartz Cristal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Drum and the Chinese Gong.

To deepen the experience even more, Sabrina offers guidance into a relaxing Breathwork practice throughout the entire session. Read more...

No prior experience required!!!

Minimum Age 12

Shamanic Journeying

Since the beginning of Human History 'Shamanic Journeying' has been a commonly used tool in all Shamanic Cultures throughout this planet. It is a way of divination, a method to retrieve guidance for personal / environmental / community healing by working with the spirits of the earth and higher entities that exist in the worlds beyond the unseen realms - that exist within us! Read more...

No prior experience needed!!!

Minimum Age 16


Ecstatic Dance

'Ecstatic Dance' is medicine for the free spirit that lives within all of us. We are following the Global Guidelines of Ecstatic Dance and therefore provide a safe space to playfully explore new ways to move and challenge ourselves to go beyond fear, judgement, self-consciousness and physical limitations. Participants commonly experience a sense of liberation, self-empowerment, elevated emotions and even altered 'ecstatic' statesRead more...

No prior experience or dance skills required!!!

Minimum Age 16


Collective Ceremony is a powerful ancient practice for celebrating important life changes, to support each other in challenging times and build a deeper sense of community and connection to nature. In our modern day societies this types of gatherings have been widely forgotten or at last tremendously undervalued.

Sabrina finds much joy in crafting ceremonies that bring back meaning to special moments in our life. She has made it her mission to bring this offering back to her community and as a skilled 'Space Holder' successfully creates once and again a beautiful container to celebrate, elevate, gracefully morn and genuinely support one another. Read more...

Special Events:

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