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Sabrina 'Estrellita'

Breathwork Guide
& Sound Creatrix

Meet Sabrina ‘Estrellita’ aka. GALEXiCA - a passionate guide, artist, free spirit and student of life who started to discover the unlimited power of the body and mind through her own healing journey. 


Born and raised in Germany, Sabrina left her home at a very early age in 2002 to discover the world and live life on her own terms. After being on the road for 5 years, in 2007 she arrived in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and slowly set her roots into this magical place and beach community, receiving her nickname ‘Estrellita’

Sabrina started her first passion project Coco Beads Jewelry in 2012, making her childhood hobby of creating beautiful jewelry pieces her profession. Ever since, a growing number of humans and dogs all around the world are wearing her unique beach jewelry. 


In 2014, Sabrina experienced a so-called 'spiritual awakening' during a motorbike accident in which she was hit and catapulted over a car. In the moment of impact, Sabrina felt like she had left her body and found herself in 'the void' where a guardian spirit brought her a clear message. At the time this message did not make any sense to her but within a year her life shifted into a new path. Sabrina had only minor visible injuries from this accident, however, the violent fall caused her spine to dislocate in many places and left trauma inside her entire body, which within months started causing her with severe health issues. Sabrina then set out on a journey to find relief from the discomfort and the chronic pain that she was experiencing. Along the way, she tried many holistic treatments and plant medicines but eventually it was Breathwork that created a huge shift in her physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

Sabrina has become a big believer in the mind-body connection and the ability of healing ourselves. After spending most of her childhood in doctors waiting rooms due to allergies and asthma, Sabrina found relief by changing her lifestyle and un-conditioning her mind. Ironically, suffering from respiratory issues her entire life, breathing was about her least favorite thing to do and would have been her last pick of all that is offered in the holistic healing realm. Thanks to a trusted friend who introduced her to the powerful practice of breathwork, Sabrina had the famous ‘A-HA’ Moment and the calling was loud and clear: This is it!  


Sabina started her Breathwork Facilitator training through NA'IA with Jhenneviev Heartt in February 2019 and has since led 250+ Breathwork Journeys and counting. In March 2020, Sabrina realized her big dream of creating THE SPACE - a place to meet on the heart-level, where holistic tools, consciousness expanding workshops and transformational experiences can be shared with her community. 

Sabrina has been diving deep into retrieving her soul's innate knowing of working with the healing powers of Sound. Her intuitive practice of Sonic Harmonization and creating Ecstatic Dance Journeys allows her now to perform internationally as GALEXiCA and share her 'medicine' with individuals and communities world wide.


Her vision is to continue to broaden the variety of offerings at THE SPACE and assist others to achieve a new sense of ‘organic’ joy and sovereignty. 

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