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Since the beginning of human History 'Shamanic Journeying' has been a commonly used tool  in all Shamanic Cultures throughout this planet. 

'Shamanic Journeying' is a way of divination, a method to retrieve guidance for personal/environmental/community healing by working with the spirits of the earth and higher entities that exist in the worlds beyond the unseen realms - that exist within us!

It is a practice that is done in a completely clear state of body and mind, usually practiced at night or in a darkened room and in a ceremonial setting, gathered in a group or alone.

Did you know, that the human brain can go into altered states of consciousness (trance) simply by focusing to the beat of a drum? Well, now you do and this is the way we journey!


For each journey we set a clear intention and the helping spirits bring us the answers, solutions and guidance that then assists us to accelerate in the matters of our heart, health, and life at large.


Some would call it 'whoowhoo', others don't have a doubt in their mind that a tool that has worked for the survival of our ancestral communities for thousands of years does indeed work and find it empowering to have a way to access the wisdom that lies within themselves all along.

If you are curious, have an open mind and would like to train your focus and visualization skills, this ancient practice is definitely something you'd find beneficial and overall enjoyable!

Anyone with sincere and positive intentions is welcome to join us. Contact us directly to find out when the next opportunity to join is coming up.

No prior experience needed!!!

Minimum Age 16

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