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Sound Journey

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The sense of hearing is the master of all senses. Did you know that the inner ear is the first organ that develops in a human fetus - before a heartbeat, before the lungs, before any other organs, the inner ear is already active.


The sense of hearing is also the last sense to shut down when a person is dying. We learn from the "Tibetan book of Death" that long after the pulse of the heart is gone and the brain has shut down, the soul is still listening. It's hugely important to sing and whisper loving words to the the ones unborn and the ones to pass.

Sabrina is a passionate Sound Creatrix, with an innate knowing of the healing powers of Sound Frequencies. In the last years Sabrina taught herself or rather 'remembered' how to play all of the instruments she acquired and created a method she calls 'Sonic Harmonization' combining traditional Sound Healing & Shamanic instruments, Nature Sounds and Vocal Channeling. 


These magical Sound Journeys, are offered in group or private setting. Each experience is absolutely unique and a co-creation of the 'energy' from the ones receiving and whatever comes through Sabrina as a 'vessel' holding the sonic space. To deepen each experience even more, Sabrina offers guidance into full relaxation and grounding through breath and sensual activation. 

This is a truly nurturing experience and ideal for anyone that is looking to escape the noice, find a way to come into the state of simply being.


People commonly experience a deeper connection with themselves and others, are able to release pent up emotions, a new sense of calm and mental clarity, increased sensual awareness.

A reservation is always needed as our offerings are usually fully booked!

Minimum Age: 12

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