Inner Work Sanctuary, Cabarete DR 

A Place to nurture your soul and meet on the 'heart-level'. We are offering you a safe and supported journey space in which holistic tools and ceremony can be shared with our community.


Breathwork Journeys

Curiosity is the doorway to discovery!


If you are interested to grow beyond the limitations of the little voice in your head (aka. EGO), this is for you!


If you are looking for a rapid way of physical, mental / emotional and spiritual transformation, this is for you!


If you would like to optimize and strengthen your respiratory system and reclaim the fullness of your breath, this is for you!

I invite you to open your mind, close your eyes, connect to your breath and start exploring the Space within YOU!!!

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Sound Journeys

The sense of hearing is the master of all senses. Did you know that the inner ear is the first organ that develops in a human fetus - before a heartbeat, before the lungs, before any other organs, the inner ear is already active.

The sense of hearing is also the last sense to shut down when a person is dying. We learn from the "Tibetan book of Death" that long after the pulse of the heart is gone and the brain has shut down, the soul is still listening.

It's hugely important to sing and whisper loving words to the the ones unborn and the ones to pass.



Cosmic Dance

When did you dance the last time in FULL EXPRESSION? 'Ecstatic Dance' is one of the most liberating and fun practices you'll ever come across. (Wikipedia)


'Ecstatic Dance' is medicine for the free spirit that lives within all of us, but often is forgotten or dimmed down due to the way we were conditioned growing up in a society that doesn't allow for much individuality and creativity.



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EVENTS & Offerings

THE SPACE is a great venue for intimate Workshops, Ceremonies and Sound Experiences. We are constantly working to keep our Event Schedule filled with beautiful and consciousness expanding offerings for our community. Please notice, a reservation is always needed.

Tuesday July 5th 6-8pm

Transcendental Breathwork Journey - 2hr Group session for initiated Breathers only

Thursday July 7th 7-8.30pm

Frequency of Love - 1.5hr Intuitive Sound Healing session. 20$US

No experience required. Minimum age 12

Sunday July 10th 11-12.30pm

Cosmic Alignment - 1.5hr Acupuncture & Sound Healing session, guided by Sabrina 'Estrellita' & Sharon Speicher. 35$US

No experience required. Minimum age 12

Tuesday July 12th 6-8pm

Transcendental Breathwork Journey - 2hr Group session for initiated Breathers only

Wednesday July 13th 6-9pm

INITIATION to Transcendental Breathwork Journey - 2hr Beginners only session. 35$US. No experience required. Minimum age 18



Space Holder,

Wisdom Keeper 

& Sound Creatrix

"I am not a healer to anyone but my own body, mind and spirit -

and so are YOU!

I am an artist, a creatrix of magical spaces in which my community can experience what lies beyond the limitations of the conscious mind. With the support of our own breath, dance, sound and plants which teach the wisdom of the earth, we shall find our way to commune with the universe and witness who we truly are." 

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Listen to Sabrina's latest Podcast interviews...

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...with Maddie Lynch

from Doing it for the Dharma.

Discussing the healing power

of Conscious Connected

Breathwork & Shamanism.


...with Lindsay Cabrera

from Mousai Collective. Discussing Breathwork,

facing fears, setting boundaries and learning

to surrender.


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