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Here is where we nurture the soul and connect on the 'heart-level'. A safe and supported journey space in which holistic tools and intentional experiences can be shared with our ever expanding local & global community.



JUNE 2024

Wednesday's 5th, 12th & 19th | 11am & 6pm

Guided Group Breathwork Journey at THE SPACE

Beginners are welcome 30min early for Intro-Talk

Thursday's 6th at 7pm EST | 13th & 20th at 1pm & 7pm EST

ONLINE Guided Breathwork Journey via ZOOM

No Experience needed - Pre-Sign up needed

Sunday's 9th & 16th | 11am-12.30pm

Sound Journey with GALEXiCA at THE SPACE 

>> more details ASAP

22nd | 6-10pm

Summer Solstice Dance Experience

>> more details ASAP

Please notice: Spots for Live events are limited! A reservation is always needed.

Breathwork Journeys

Curiosity is the doorway to discovery!

This if for YOU if you...

...are interested to grow beyond the limitations of the little voice in your head (aka. EGO).

...are looking for a rapid way of physical, mental / emotional and spiritual transformation.

...would like to optimize your respiratory system and reclaim the fullness of your breath.

I invite you to open your mind, close your eyes, connect to your breath and start exploring the Space within YOU!!!

Read more...​ 


Sound Journeys

GALEXiCA is a passionate Sound Creatrix, with an innate knowing of the healing powers of Sound Frequencies.

While weaving with Sound / Music as the architect of all the experiences offered at THE SPACE and offers magical Sound Journeys weekly and private sessions by request. 


Guided by intuition and soul wisdom, GALEXiCA developed her own method called Sonic Harmonization - each session is a unique and completely channeled experience, combining live instruments, Nature Sounds and Vocal Channeling to harmonize body, mind and spirit. 


Dance Journeys

When did you dance the last time in FULL EXPRESSION? Dancing, moving your body and deeply connecting to music is one of the oldest, most liberating and fun practices ever.


DANCE IS MEDICINE to free the spirit and the playful child that lives within all of us, but often is forgotten or dimmed down due to the way we were conditioned growing up in a society that doesn't allow for much individuality and creativity.





Breathwork Guide

& Sound Creatrix 

"I am not a healer to anyone but my own body, mind and spirit -

and so are YOU!

I am an artist, a creatrix of magical and transformational spaces in which we use tools such as conscious breath, sound, dance and self-awareness practices to expand beyond the limitations of the waking mind.

In these expansive states of consciousness we can see, feel and release what no longer serves our highest good and we can plant powerful intentions to cultivate a new healthy and wholesome lifestyle. 

Working together we mirror each other. We get inspired, 
empowered and reconnected to who you truly are."




Listen to GALEXiCA's latest uploads...



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