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I guide weekly Breathwork sessions in a group of maximum 8 participants, but in certain cases such as recent Trauma, a specific health conditions or the inability to become vulnerable while there are others in the room, I offer to hold space for Breathwork in a one-on-one setting. The structure of this 2hr one on one session is generally the same, but customized to your specific needs.

Breathwork Journeys for private groups are a very popular request. I have had great success with couples, groups of friends (specifically man), families or retreat groups that felt that this shared experience brought their hearts closer and helped the resolve issues or disconnections in their relationships. Message your request ...



What is the difference between a Sound Journey and Sonic Harmonization you ask?


Sound Journey's are experiences I usually conduct in group setting, in which we collectively travel within a specific soundscape created of live Sound Healing Instruments and Nature Ambient sounds.


Sonic Harmonization is the base method of every Sound Journey, but in a private session I will be able to tune into your specific needs and intention. We will be connecting individually to each energy center (chakra) of your body through working with your breath and visualization. I will bring my instruments close to your body, spend as much time as needed on places that seem out of alignment and ultimately bring HARMONY into your entire being. Message your request...

ONE-on-ONE by appointment 

HARMONY - Sonic Harmonization 

90Min Private session with intuitive Sound Creatrix GALEXiCA

This Experience will include:

- Welcome & Intentions Setting

- Guidance into sensory and energy awareness

- Sonic Harmonization with live Sound Healing Instruments

- Aroma Therapy Mists (optional)

- Integration & Tea Time 

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