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I guide weekly Breathwork sessions in a group of maximum 8 participants, but in certain cases such as recent Trauma, a specific health conditions or the inability to become vulnerable while there are others in the room, I offer to hold space for Breathwork in a one-on-one setting. The structure of this 2hr one on one session is generally the same, but customized to your specific needs. Energy Exchange 120 -150$US

Breathwork Journeys for private groups are a very popular request. I have had great success with couples, groups of friends (specifically man), families or retreat groups that felt that this shared experience brought their hearts closer and helped the resolve issues or disconnections in their relationships. Message your request ...



What is the difference between a Sound Journey and Sonic Harmonization you ask?


Sound Journey's are experiences I usually conduct in group setting, in which we collectively travel within a specific soundscape created of live Sound Healing Instruments and Nature Ambient sounds.


Sonic Harmonization is the base method of every Sound Journey, but in a private session I will be able to tune into your specific needs and intention. We will be connecting individually to each energy center (chakra) of your body through working with your breath and visualization. I will bring my instruments close to your body, spend as much time as needed on places that seem out of alignment and ultimately bring HARMONY into your entire being. Message me...

ONE-on-ONE by appointment 

HARMONY - Sonic Harmonization 

90Min Private session with intuitive Sound Creatrix Sabrina 'Estrellita' | 80 -100$US

This Experience will include:

- Welcome & Intentions Setting

- Guidance into sensory and energy awareness

- Sonic Harmonization with live Sound Healing Instruments

- Aroma Therapy Mists (optional)

- Integration & Tea Time 


Cabarete, this island, has somehow always been a 'Healing Destination' - my personal healing journey started here and countless others report reclaiming their sanity through the powerful energy of this island, the ocean, the many days of sun, the freedom, the fresh food, the many outdoor and aquatic things to do - it truly is paradise. However, only in the recent years the actual number of holistic practitioners and offering has been growing exponentially and Cabarete has officially made it on the map of global Healing Destinations.

These days Retreat's are trending and seem to be the new way of going on an "all inclusive vacation", which is great and much more beneficial to anyones well-being then being in a overbooked hotel, with bottomless Happy Hour by the pool, unhealthy buffet food and package excursions to tourist traps. However, Cabarete has always been attracting individualists and therefor it comes to no surprise that 'Self-Retreats' become more and more popular.

A 'Self-Retreat' is a designated time or trip you plan for yourself (and perhaps a close friend for partner) to go within, to become aware and re-connect to your true self with the intention to:

  • return changed - hence, create a transformational shift

  • a full reset from your busy life

  • making a leap in your healing or recovery journey

  • initiating into a new cycle / season of your life

  • or other personal reasons...

These types of 'Self-Retreat's' are perfect for people that don't feel called to join a group, a generalized program, a set schedule, a fixed venue etc. - planing a 'Self-Retreat' you get to choose what's best for YOU, move at your own pace! 

I would love to help you plan your personalized Self-Retreat Program and be able to share my gifts and wisdom with you though all of the powerful modalities I'm passionate about: 

  • Transcendental Breathwork Journeys

  • Sonic Harmonization

  • Magical plant assisted Sound Journeys 

  • Dance / Movement

  • Consciousness expanding Conversations

As a fully established 15+year resident in Cabarete, I'm working out of my own cozy studio THE SPACE and will be able to additionally offer the services of trusted and most experienced Body- and Energyworkers in the area that can like me, be a GENUINE part of your Self-Retreat, acting as a powerful amplifier of your intention and providing you with TANGIBLE AND LASTING RESULTS.Message me...

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