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Spanish Teacher
from Barcelona

My experience with Breathwork has been enlightening! I feel like I now know myself on a deeper level, made peace with my dark side and reconnected with my intuition. The breath practice is extremely helpful in my everyday life for focusing on my goals - since "to focus" is very challenging for me dealing ADHD. Breathwork definitely has a positive impact on my life in terms of making wiser decisions and being more aware of not only my body and mind, but also all of what happens around me. 

I've known Sabrina for years as my neighbor and friend, therefor I was open to take a leap of faith with her and surrender to a powerful practice such as this type of Breathwork, only because I feel safe with her. Thanks to setting a clear intention, my mind is tuned with a purpose  which helps me to keep on track throughout the practice and I am able to get the most out of each session.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to go through this inner journey and grow from it. I absolutely recommend having this experience to those who are willing to be a better version of themselves and reconnect with their soul.



from New York City

My experiences with Sabrina have been completely transformational. I came to Cabarete for a few weeks because I was looking for some clarity in different aspects of my life. I was recommended to Sabrina’s SPACE because of a friend's amazing testimony of his experience with Sabrina and Breathwork.


After my first session with Sabrina (I had a total of 3) I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be on my mission for finding clarity. Her guidance made me feel safe to be vulnerable in the experience and I was taken on an incredible journey.


Each session had a different intention which made every experience unique. Sabrina goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and safe. While at the same time encouraging you to push past limits to explore parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed.  


I have now been back in New York for a month. I am back in my daily grind of work in a busy city. I can still feel the work that I did with Sabrina in Cabarete inside of my heart. I carry it with me every day and it has inspired many changes in my life. I am forever grateful for my time with Sabrina and I can’t wait to return to do more in the future! 



from California

I just spent 3 weeks in Cabarete on vacation. I was looking for some self care in between kiting sessions and a friend told me about Breathwork at THE SPACE. I was intrigued.


I did two private sessions and both were so memorable. My first experience was about opening myself to do this without fear. Sabrina made this really easy, as she is a gentle and caring guide who made me feel 100% safe. This first experience unexpectedly took me to relive some childhood feelings of deep love and connection. I left the session with a sense of gratitude. My second session was less concrete but also wonderful. I can only describe it as a state of bliss that I never experienced before. 

Now I am back home and I wish I could attend Sabrina's regular sessions. I can see how this work can be transformational and a huge help in keeping me more grounded on a daily basis.


I would recommend this to anyone who is open to self- growth and wants to explore their minds and souls.  I can't wait to go back to Cabarete to work with Sabrina again!



form New York

I have been visiting Cabarete for the past ten years and now have a home there.  My Spanish Teacher told me about Sabrina's Breathwork Sessions and I was instantly intrigued, as I was already practicing the Wim Hoff breathing Method. 

My lasting memories of my first experience was THE SPACE itself.  It was obviously constructed with a great deal of care, attention to fluidly and just all around coolness. I instantly felt safe.

The other memory was being asked at the Introduction Talk: 

“How long can you live without food?” - 3 Weeks perhaps... 

“How long can you live without water?” - 3 days perhaps...  and finally

“How long can you live without breathing?”  - my record breath hold at that point was close to 3 minutes, which turns out to be the average time one can stay alive without breathing (and I had already been practicing everyday for weeks)! Right then my views on breathing and air itself were altered, indeed revolutionized. I had never thought of air as being the body's most potent super fuel and the session had not even begun! 

​If you (like me) struggle with suppressing anger, your first sessions may be challenging, however, if you fully commit and trust in the process you will most definitely become familiar with a 100% natural method of finding inner peace.  

I have gone on and attended about a dozen sessions, with Sabrina's fearless/professional guidance and feel like I still only brushed the surface of breathings transformational potential. Much like kiteboarding, one of my favorite sports, the possibilities of breathwork at 'THE SPACE' feel limitless, there is always room for improvement, there are always new challenges coming to surface, there are great rewarding moments waiting ahead if you keep going through the resistance of your own body and mind.



Bikini Dealer
from Alaska

I've been living in Cabarete for 11 years now and count myself lucky to say, I'm a close friend of Sabrina. I was with her through the process of her discovering her new calling, I remember that she was thrilled to find what she believed her dharma to be. I’ve seen her train and I’ve seen her call to the universe and manifest all of this into reality. It’s been absolutely incredible and inspiring to watch.

The first time I had a class in THE SPACE I was blown away by the care and the excellence Sabrina exudes as a facilitator. The Space is unlike anything I have experienced. 

My first experience with this type of Breathwork Journey was unforgettable and life changing. I have since come uncountable times.

Having a Breathwork routine positively impacts my life in various avenues. It's a natural way to process things and also helps to step out of this reality and into the other. You realize what you’re capable of and what is out there that you wouldn’t have known about without it. It can be as transformational as a plant medicine journey, but you are the medicine.

I’m experiencing changes in the way I feel; more calm and at peace, more present, filled with a deeper understanding of what is and physically it feels like I’m filled with bubbles after, there are no aches and pains.

I also deeply appreciate the inspiration / introduction talk prior to Breathwork Journey. The subjects always provide an interesting take away or reveal unexpected clarity .

THE SPACE is pure Magic, a sanctuary and makes me want to share it with everyone as a sacred place.

I would recommend this experience to anyone very human on this planet. A must. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try and go so far with just your own breath. It’s incredible. 



from Germany 

I’m living in Cabarete for 7 month per year and heard about Breathwork at THE SPACE through many friends and was curious to try because it sounded very interesting.


My first experience was actually overwhelming and also very shocking - yet the Breath always shows you exactly what you need to see. I have come 7 times since and love it. There are a few journeys I remember in particular, in which I had a transcendent experience which felt like a major breakthrough for me.


These Breathwork Journeys are like taking a break into another level of life, a break from the daily routine and the challenges of solving problems. They help me so much to see clearly what I really want and make me see from my heart, instead of my ego.


Sabrina is a perfect Guide. She makes me feel safe. 


Breathing accompanied by a specifically curated sound journey also feels really good.


I like the inspiration talks prior to Breathwork Journey. The talks and setting a clear intention assist me to calm down and let go of the ordinary thoughts.


THE SPACE is a wonderful place and makes me feel like I am on vacation from my day to day life.


I would recommend this experience to everybody who is open to trying something new.



Aguahara & Thai Massage Therapist from France

I've been living in Cabarete for 3 years, and work here as a Aguahara & Thai Massage Therapist myself. I started to go breath at THE SPACE with Sabrina and it became a regular practice (between 1 to 4 times a month).


Breathwork helps me balance my daily life as a therapist, let go of what doesn't serve me, tap into places I didn't know about, connect with my body and spirit in new ways and simply be. 

I love going to THE SPACE as Sabrina is holding it as a sacred ceremony (I sometimes feel like in a Temazcal), where I feel safe and held. Where I can explore and express whatever comes that day. During the breathwork I really appreciate Sabrina's voice, guidance and presence as well as the music and instruments that are played.

I appreciate the inspirational talk prior to Breathwork Journey, exploring values and mechanisms, deepening our understanding of Humanity. It is also a good way of starting to connect as a group and to our intentions.

I would recommend this experience to anyone that wishes for connection. 



Mother of 3
from Santa Fe,
New Mexico

Sabrina's Breathwork was recommended to me by a local friend in Cabarete and I didn’t know what to expect other than I had heard it was amazing.  She blew my expectations away with an incredibly powerful practice that I started joining weekly for.


I’ve done pranayama and yoga for many years but this is totally something different.  I'm a mother of 3 young children and I got enormous clarity of purpose, sense of calm, and immense feeling of love from her breathwork class.  It bordered on a psychedelic journey into my deepest self.  I looked forward to it every week and even tried to continue remotely when I left Cabarete because I knew I would miss it.


Sabrina is a divine old soul and gifted group leader. She respects where you’re at and honors your needs. Her brief philosophy talks prior to each session were in and of themselves worth the session price.  I always left feeling more grounded and more inspired. Can’t say enough good things - try it and trust the process! 



from Cabarete, Dominican Republic

I first heard about Breathwork through a good friend and had my first experience with her. The reason I tried it, I needed guidance, balance and healing. Breathwork has opened up a whole new world for me. Never thought I could breathe my way to a healthy, conscious life. 


So far I took five group sessions and one additional private session with Sabrina, each one was very different. I remember a journey in particular, in which I was able to allow feeling emotions that had built up from a very traumatic experience. Actually feeling the feelings of sadness, being hurt and feeling lost, has helped me to find the strength to create change from within.


Having a weekly Breathwork routine positively has impacted my life in many ways. It provides me (SUPER-QUICK) relief from stress, increases my energy levels and effortlessly reconnects me with my body. It helps relieve my chronic pain and process emotions. I have better digestion.

It also Improves my personal and professional relationships and has helped me reach a deeper state of mind.


Sabrina is truly compassionate, caring, and transparent in her practice. She offers the opportunity to dive deep within, reconnect with the higher self, clear out blocked energy and quite literally WAKE UP. They are very powerful heart-based Breathwork Journeys.


I appreciate the inspiration talk and Intention setting prior to the practice. Intentions are “state-ments” - The body will follow my mind - so I set a clear intention for how I'd like to feel afterward and it works like magic. What always amazes me about the breath itself is that it seems to know exactly what I need that day, even when I might not know it myself.


BEAUTIFUL SPACE. The down-to-earth vibe is what makes THE SPACE so special and it feels very safe and inclusive.


I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Breathwork is safe, enjoyable and definitely worth tying. It does not require skills or prior experience, just BREATHE.



Massage Therapist
from Russia 

I've been living in Cabarete for almost 12 years and I heard about Breathwork at THE SPACE through my boss. I was curious to try something new, also I thought it might help me to strengthen my immune system in this pandemic time and it does!

My first experience was in September 2020. Since I have come once a week. Having a weekly Breathwork routine positively impacts my life in various ways. It does help me to recharge my energy , my level of irritation decreased significantly, I became more balanced, it brings me more peace and joy in daily life.

Sabrina is a wonderful Guide. She makes me feel supported and safe during the practice.

I like the inspiration talk prior to Breathwork Journey. It helps me to improve my English skills haha.

THE SPACE is very comfy and as lovely and beautiful as Sabrina is!!! I am grateful to her for putting in so much love and effort into THE SPACE!

I would highly recommend this experience to everyone how is looking for something that will help self- development in many different ways.



Marketing Project Manager
from Russia 

I've heard about this Breathwork Journeys through my friends and was curious to try because I was impressed by the reviews of them. 

My first experience was in December 2020. I have come almost every week. Every journey is unique and it's hard for me to choose one major breakthrough for me.

Having a regular Breathwork routine positively impacts my life in various ways, I stopped worrying about trifles, and I can hear myself better. I started a new relationship, I made many friends, changed my job and place of living, and most importantly, I became happier. I’m experiencing changes in the way I feel mentally (less anxiety), emotionally (I express my emotions more freely), physically (I have become more resilient),  spiritually (I trust the universe more).


Sabrina is a very attentive, loving,  responsible and talented Guide. She makes me feel safe and gives me the courage to look inside me.

I am always looking forward to the inspiration / introduction talk prior to Breathwork Journey. The talks and setting a clear intention assist me to think about things in daily life I don't think about, these conversations help me to look at my life from a different angle and expand my consciousness.

THE SPACE is a portal to another dimension and makes me feel happy. 

I would recommend this experience to everyone! We all go through transformations in life.  They may be tough, they may be light, but they will happen.  In my opinion, it is better to initiate these transformations in an easy way than to wait for life to do it. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to improve yourself and your life in a pleasant environment and with good people)



from Argentina

I came to Cabarete "by chance",  two years ago and haven´t moved since. Different people I met told me about Sabrina's Breathwork Sessions and was curious to try it, because each person described a very particular experience, but they all agreed that they were deeply moved.                         

I wanted to experience what effect that work would have on me.

My first approach was 7 months ago, at an event where Sabrina offered a free Breathwork-Meditation Journey. After this first experience  I started to take 2 or 3 sessions a month.

Each session is different. There were smooth and pleasant sessions, and others much more challenging. When a strong feeling arises, such as fear, anger, or sadness, a dissociation mechanism is generally activated on me. Conscious breathing enables me to stay present during these moment more and more frequently, which gives me more space and freedom to move in life. Now, whenever a stressful or unpleasant situation appears in my day a day, I immediately return to my breath, shake my body a little and I´m able to observe it from another perspective. These Breathwork Journeys have also helped me to recognize old patterns of behavior. They don't dissolve all at once, but facing them is a first step...

Sabrina guides us in a very authentic and sensitive way. Clear and simple, she knows how to gently push you to transcend your limits. Her presence gives me confidence.

I enjoy the inspiration talk before Breathwork Journey. Setting a clear intention helps me focus my work in the moment. The talk also inspires reflections that sometimes emerge much later in my daily life.

THE SPACE is a gift to our community and makes me feel safe and comfortable.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to make an evolution at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, since it is one of the most integral experiences I have had.



Singer, Surfer, Digital Nomad
from UK/Italy

I met Sabrina through mutual friends and was curious to try her Breathwork Session because I felt attracted to it. As simple as that. It was sort of calling me, without really having heard anything about it or what it was prior. 

My first experience was incredible. Confusing, mind-blowing, life-changing, sacred. Those are a few words I could choose to describe it, but it’s hard to put into words. Since that first session, I ended up going a total of 20 times, once a week for a few months. It may sound intense, but it was the right healing process for me.


There is one journey I remember in particular,  where I was actually visited by a female figure, who I then realized was my late mother, and that very night I was contacted by her long lost best friend who I hadn't spoken to for 30 years. Crazy! It was a major breakthrough for me. I also had some premonitions through breathwork and some subliminal messages. It’s definitely a powerful tool, to open up your intuition and bring trauma to light. 

Having a weekly Breathwork routine positively impacted my life in various ways: I became more focused, less impulsive. I developed a better intuition, and even my surfing improved significantly. I felt more grounded, and more aware of my surroundings. I’m experiencing changes in the way I feel spiritually, it opened new opportunities for me and truly showed me my powers. It also gave me hope and strength to keep healing past traumas. 

I cannot thank Sabrina enough for being such an amazing and powerful Guide. She makes me feel safe, listened to and looked after in her space. She is knowledgeable, respectful and truly went the extra mile with me. I am grateful our paths have crossed. 

I love the inspiration / introduction talk prior to Breathwork Journey. The talk(s) and setting a clear intention assist me to get into the space and feel at ease, whilst giving some useful prompts to start the journey. 

THE SPACE is an amazing place and makes me feel like I can tackle the world. 

I would recommend this experience to everyone, truly. Embrace the power you have within and let yourself go.



Sporty & Mindful Retiree
from Toronto, Canada

I’m from Toronto, for the last 20 months I’ve been fortunate to live in Cabarete. I meant an awesome lady from Washington State, that introduce me to Sabrina’s Breathwork. Practicing Qigong, yoga and meditation, I believe that the Benefits start with breathwork.

Sabrina has successfully created the SPACE To connect with your inner being. Words cannot describe the transformation you may receive. 


I highly recommend trying Sabrina’s Breathwork Journey and see what inspirational messages and healing you will receive!


Sending and practicing, compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love!

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