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Breathwork Guide
& Sound Creatrix

Meet Sabrina aka. GALEXiCA, a passionate Sound Creatrix, Breathwork Guide, Visionary and Founder of ‘THE SPACE - within You’ in Cabarete DR, established March 2020.

Through 22 years of living her life as a ‘free spirit’ and walking her own path to healing, Sabrina has become an independent artist, grounded, empathic and highly intuitive space holder, that brings a wealth of soul wisdom, life skill and infinite creativity into her offerings, such as Breathwork, Sound and Dance Journeys.

‘GALEXiCA’ is a "vibrational frequency" Sabrina is able to tune into and channel since her “musical soul awakening” in 2021. Fusing her out of the box visions and artistic approach with holistic healing modalities, she creates magical, transformational and genuine experiences that allow others to deeply connect with themselves and each other. 

GALEXiCA's calling is to open as many hearts and minds as possible to help humanity shift into a higher vibration. Her vision is to continue to share her Breath & Sound Medicine with her local SPACE Community, as well as growing her online audience and through frequent travels, weave with other artists, healers and their conscious communities.  

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