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The sense of hearing is the master of all senses. Did you know that the inner ear is the first organ that develops in a human fetus and the sense of hearing is the first one to turn on - at 18 weeks we have the ability to hear our mothers voice and environment. 

The sense of hearing is also the last sense to shut down when a person is in the process of passing. "And first there was the word" - In all of history Sound is assigned to the Non-Element Ether. Ether is the all Encompassing Nothingness from which every other Element (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) is born, therefore Sound can touch, influence your entire being and be the most a powerful ally to every other healing modality that is aligned to any of the 4 Elements.

GALEXiCA is a passionate Sound Creatrix, with an innate knowing of the healing powers of Sound Frequencies. In the last years GALEXiCA experienced her 'Musical awakening' and suddenly simply 'remembered' how to play a vast amount of sound healing instruments. She felt called to develop a method called 'Sonic Harmonization' - each session is a unique and completely channeled experience combining live instruments, Nature Sounds and Vocal Channeling to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Magical Sound Journeys, are offered frequently in group settings or by request for private Groups (perfect for Families, Retreats or Team building). Each experience is a an adventure into the subconscious mind through a short guided visualization, followed by an  non verbal journey into elemental SoundScapes combined with live instrumentation to spark the limitless capacity of our Imagination and explore the universe that lives inside of you.

GALEXiCA is known for her ability to combine her infinite creativity as an artist with her gift holding the sonic space through presence, guidance into full relaxation and grounding through breath and sensual activation to offer tenable full body experiences. 

These magical sound offerings are ideal for anyone that is looking to escape the noice, find inspiration or a way to come into the divine state of simply being.

People commonly experience a deeper connection with themselves and others, are able to release pent up emotions, find a new sense of calm and mental clarity. These journeys through sound and visualization train the "imagination muscle" that has been neglected since childhood and increases ones ability to visualize, manifest and create in real life. Often people report entering transcendent states (naturally by Brainwave coherence) and receive early or even past life memories that help them release old trauma / emotions.

A reservation is always needed as our experiences are usually fully booked!

Minimum Age: 12

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