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Conscious Connected

Why do we breathe? A simple question that most people have never asked themself until a certain virus took over the world and suddenly breath and sovereignty became very precious.

The power of breath has been discovered by ancient cultures yet forgotten (hidden or forbidden) and rediscovered many times throughout human history. In our modern world we are coming back to this knowledge and use it as a simple yet powerful, practical yet complex way to enhance our wellbeing and soul alignment.

Whilst there is a vast variety of Breathwork techniques available to us these days, Sabrina chooses to work with a Conscious Connected Breath that combines diaphragmatic, circular breathing, hands-on trigger point and energetic harmonization. This allows the breather to reclaim the fullness of their breath by learning to open and use the entire respiratory system efficiently. Part of this process is to transform and release energetic stagnation (stress, trauma, undigested emotional experiences and looping thoughts) that consume vital energy and limit the capacity to experience clarity, joy, pleasure, love and ones own power.

GALEXiCA frequently holds space in a beautiful group setting, offering her wisdom through inspirational talks and vulnerably sharing her personal healing stories. What makes each Journey so special and 'transcendental' is the THE SPACE itself, the beautiful local Breath Family and the uniquely crafted musical creations and live sound healing instruments. GALEXiCA is a true artist with a special ability to creating a perfect container for all breathers to feel fully safe, supported and able to surrender to the natural, yet often challenging process of the Nervous System discharging on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level.


While each journey is unique to each person, most describe a feeling of heart opening right after the practice and lasting improvement of relationships due to a new found connection to their own heart and soul. It is common that during the later part of a journey, one could experience transcendent states of consciousness and other 'supernatural' phenomena.
With frequent practice people commonly experience results of complete relaxation (relief of insomnia / anxiety), cellular regeneration (faster recovery of healing symptoms and improvement of chronic dis-eases), increased mental clarity and better mood. Breathers report a new awareness in their daily life (shifting self sabotaging patterns) as well as an increased awareness and trust into their own powers, wisdom and intuition.

Read what others say about GALEXiCA's guidance and their Breathwork Experience at THE SPACE.

Beginners are welcome to join any time and will receive a Free Audio Class before their first Experience. Please send us a request to receive details and reserve one of the limited spots for your fist experience.  

Minimum Age for group sessions: 16

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Spanish Teacher

from Barcelona

 "My experience with Breathwork has been enlightening! I feel like I know myself on a deeper scale, made peace with my dark side and reconnected with my intuition.

I absolutely recommend having this experience to those who are willing to be a better version of themselves and reconnect with their soul."

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