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The Space within YOU
Inspiration Blog


Welcome to my Inspiration Blog!

Ever since I started offering my Breathwork Journeys at THE SPACE in 2020, I let my intuition guide me to a weekly topic that would benefit my community, I started calling it "Inspiration Talk". Besides their inspirational purpose, these short talks prior to every session have become a powerful tool to bring traumas, limiting believes and programing to surface and also help my breathers to set a clear intention for the practice ahead, which enhances the experience and usually provokes a positive outcome.

Recently I have felt guided to make my work available to public for various reasons. One, to allow the partners, families and friends of my dear breathers, to feel included on this transformational journey and understand to the changes in mindset their loved one may be experiencing. Two, to offer something of value for the many that would have loved to continue their work with me, but had to travel back to their home countries and three, to create ripples of change all around me and share my gift with each and everyone that I can reach in the World Wide Web (of life).

My messages are potent, timely and direct. I'm speaking from my heart, with compassion and love, but bare in mind as you read along that I'm also a challenger and it's not here to tell you what you might want to hear or repeat what mainstream programing want's us to believe about ourselves. My words could be triggering, I could be very well cutting down an illusion and share a different truth then one you may have believe in until now.

I'm inviting you to keep and open mind and in the same time, question everything I say. I hope to activate you to think for yourself, question your old believes and allow your heart to show you what is true for YOU! THE SPACE is intended to be a portal of self-expression, mind expansion and connection where all the many truths in our community can be shared and so is this Blog. Your Opinion is welcome in the comments below every post. Please honor our guidelines of non judgement, empathy and compassion.

It's my hope that the topics and stories I share leave you informed, inspired and will amplify the calling to dive deeper into THE SPACE within YOU!

Much Love,

Sabrina "Estrellita"

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