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The Divine Feminine & Masculine

How often in the last years have your heard the expression "We have to celebrate our Divine Feminine" or "Come to awaken your Sacred Feminine" and how many times where you thinking "What does that even mean?"

The old me would just run and never come back whenever someone said "Goddess Gathering" and while running I would always ask myself "what's wrong with me, am I not women enough?".

I feel nothing but repelled by these words, because few times I did end up at such a event, I didn't feel Goddessy at all. All I felt I was being told that I don't need a man in my life because apparently I can everything myself and be this empowered leader, independent and successful women and man are to be come the submissive sex slaves and baby makers.

This never resonated with me AT ALL and therefor I thought the whole "Divine Feminine Thing" is not for me. Obviously something must be wrong with me because so many women like these kind of gatherings. In the last week this happened to me again, I got really triggered, but this time I was inspired to dig deeper and I finally I got my answer to this. Nothing is wrong with me, I'm just not a feminist and these seemingly well meant words are often used loosely and in the context of feminism. People who should really know what "Divine Feminine" in means, actually do not and women who are looking for sisterhood and support to feel more confident in their body are misled to feminist activities, events, or workshops that in essence promote women empowerment and leadership, which really means women stepping into their masculine energy aspects.

“Feminism is the fight for equal social rights, economic and political equality for women.”

I'm absolutely grateful for our ancestor sisters who started this movement and have endured generations of fighting against their way into this "Mans World", but for me this fight is long over and we must look onto what's really needed in this world RIGHT NOW. The answer is indeed to "Awaken the Divine Feminine" but not only within women, within ALL OF US. For the last 2000 years the Distorted Masculine has spun out of proportion and is finally destroying our planet. We currently are witnessing our Mother Earth fighting back by attacking Humanity with a deadly virus and Global warming getting real.

The qualities of the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy within all of us...

Regardless of Gender, we all are made of feminine and masculine energy (Yin Yang)

In essence, the "Divine Feminine" energy is the CREATIVE FORCE that brings everything into existence and the "Divine Masculine" energy is the SEED of life that is received by this creative force. There is not one without the other.

The feminine aspects of our human energy system are anchored in the right side of the brain and left side of our body - the receptive side. Creation, Nurture, Intuition, Empathy, Vulnerability, Intimacy, Justice, Healing and Spirituality are the expression of this feminine energy.

The masculine aspects of our human energy system are anchored in the left side of the brain and the right side of our body - the expression side. Logic, Purpose, Strength (physical & emotional), Responsibility, Leadership, Independence, Analytical, Determination, Self-confidence are the expression of the masculine energy.

The Feminine is the energy of BEING and the Masculine is the Energy of DOING.

Naturally in a female body the feminine energy is predominant and in a male body the masculine energy is predominant, but because we humans have been programmed since generations, this is not the case these days. What happened?

The Distorted Masculine

There was a time in history where male and female energy was looked at as equals. We all have heard of the ancient goddesses and gods that where equally worshiped and had each their own unique powers. Each energy aspect was honored and important for the balance of the community.

Then there came a time, about 2000 years ago when wars for territory forced man to grow stronger and suppress their feminine energy aspects and religion laterally started demonizing women and took their power and rights away. Women where not allowed an opinion and had to serve man as the nurturers of the household.

In the mid 18 Hundreds a movement called Feminism started and Women set out to fight back their rights and through WW1 and WW2 when women somehow where force to step into man positions because all man where gone to war and many never returned, a true awakening of the masculine energy in women was set free. Followed by the "second wave" of feminism in the 1960's and 70's, where most women in the first world (there is still countries today where women are suppressed and have no rights) finally where acknowledged to be equal to men.

In our modern days we are very lucky that women are receiving education, jobs and same social rights then man, all though some say it's still not fair...but here's my questions. Do women really need to act, feel and work same as man? Really?

I remember my early childhood where my mother was a mother and the boss in the house. My Father was the provider and felt joy playing with us on the weekends. There was harmony in my home and I had a happy childhood until the day arrived where my parents decided that they needed to build their own house - because that's what you do, "keeping up with the Johnsons" - but because they couldn't really afford it, like most young people, they had to take a loan and my mother had to start working a real job instead of joyfully making a little pocket money with her beautiful creations as a gifted seamstress that unfortunately never know to value her own work enough and fell pray to being low balled all the time, but she never cared, it was her passion and what kept her sane and balanced as a mother and housewife. Not long after we had gone as a family through the emotional struggles of building a house, the marriage of my parents did not seem happy anymore. My mother seemed constantly exhausted, frustrated and moody which led to a lot of fighting between my parents and all the emotional wounding that comes with that for my sister and me. Finally my parents ended up divorcing after my father fell secretly in love with another women and the day this came to light, my entire family broke apart. For the longest time I blamed my father, because he was the one cheating, but after so many years, I see what really happened. They lost balance the day my mother had to go to a work that she hated and shit started spiraling from there.

What I'm trying to say is, why is it that women feel so undervalued being mothers and housewife's? How often did you hear in your early life when you enjoyed playing music, crafting or building something "artists make now money, get a real job" or "stop being lazy and do something productive". Most of us grew up in the firm believe that showing emotions or feeling vulnerable is weakness. We where well trained to hide all the parts of us that where not accepted and told to be go getters and not do anything unless it makes you richer and more successful, to not ever stop until we're retired, sick or ultimately dead. Greed, Power, Anger, Destruction and Resentment are the characteristics of the SHADOW side of the Masculine, Patriarchy which has been ruling us for the last 2000 years (the Age of Pisces).

Until COVID hit...

...and gave us all a TIME OUT to sit on our ass and figure out who we are BEING without DOING! How many of us have found their long lost hobby during the time of quarantine or for the first time in their life found joy in painting, crafting, gardening, cooking or playing music? How many have turned to spirituality and had profound wake up experiences in the last year? How many of us are dealing with all kinds of old trauma coming to surface because they had no way to destruct themselves and escape their emotions anymore, finally looking for healing. How many of us are still using the "COVID Excuse" to just chill at home instead of going out to party or work?

COVID, a big tragedy for Humanity but maybe also a blessing in disguise, as are most of the challenges we get to live through in our life. We are not victims, we are Co-creators and must

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