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I guide weekly Breathwork sessions in a group of maximum 8 participants, but in certain cases such as recent Trauma, a specific health conditions or the inability to become vulnerable while there are others in the room, I offer to hold space for Breathwork in a one-on-one setting. The structure of this 2hr session is generally the same, but customized to your specific needs.  


Breathwork Journeys for private groups are a very popular request. I have had great success with couples, groups of friends (specifically man), families or retreat groups that felt that this shared experience brought their hearts closer and helped the resolve issues or disconnections in their relationships. Message me...

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What is the difference between a Sound Journey and Sonic Harmonization you ask?


Sound Journey's are experiences I usually conduct in group setting, in which we collectively travel within a specific soundscape created of live Sound Healing Instruments and Nature Ambient sounds.


Sonic Harmonization is the base method of every Sound Journey, but in a private session I will be able to tune into your specific needs and intention. We will be connecting individually to each energy center (chakra) of your body through working with your breath and visualization. I will bring my instruments close to your body, spend as much time as needed on places that seem out of alignment and ultimately bring HARMONY into your entire being. Message me...

Starting February: ONE-on-ONE 

HARMONY - Sonic Harmonization 

1hr Private session with Sound Creatrix Sabrina 'Estrellita' | 60$US

This Experience will include:

- short Inspiration Conversation to share your needs and set intentions

- 50Min. Sonic Harmonization with live Sound Healing Instruments

- guidance into Breath awareness and blessing of the 7 energy centers 

- aroma therapy (optional)


Back in the day, we talked to a good friend or elder, these days people feeling more and more disconnected from each other and talk to their 'Life Coach' every week...


I’m not a therapist, counselor, self proclaimed life coach or fluffy spiritualist…I’m a human like you, that has lived countless stories and challenges which have made me who I am today - a 39 year old street wise, free spirit, life artist and successful entrepreneur, that has left the system over 20 years ago and managed to manifest my dreams and a conscious life in sovereignty. 

I know so well that there can be times when we feel alone in the world or are desperately looking for someone different then your partners, friends or family to listen to us and support us, hence sometimes they are the source of our challenges and the last ones that can help us. 


If you are looking for someone that doesn't rope you into months long treatments and simply holds space for you to express yourself, perhaps has one or the other good advice or message from spirit for you - I am happy to be that person. 

I draw my wisdom from my experiences in this life and countless others, I am a source of inspiration for others and often times a channel for messages from spirit for the ones I’m holding space for. 

If you are

  • challenged with relationships 

  • recovering from addiction 

  • battling a eating disorder

  • struggling to integrate a NDE (near death experience - out of body experience)

  • are grieving the loss of a loved one or pet

  • feel confused or scared about your supernatural senses awakening

  • are an empath that's constantly challenged around other people

  • are in the middle of a healing process

- I feel you, I’ve been there and I made it through. 

If you just recently moved to Cabarete or planing to and need someone to give you some grounded insights about this place - I can share with you what I’ve learned in 15years of living here, connect you with the right people and help you ease some of the frustrations that come along with wanting to live in paradise. 

I love having inspired conversations and diving deep with likeminded people - it's what I’ve been offering to others all my life and one of the ways I know to bring value to the world I live in.

Please know that I will not solve your problems, only you can do that, but I can offer you tools, inspiration and wisdom that will empower you and allow you to move forward in your process. 

I am happy to receive you in my space and over tea talk about your challenges and help you open you own path to create the life of your dreams. Message me...

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