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What is a conscious EXPERIENCE? A conscious Experience is an intentional and held container, curated with a lot of love and detail. A magical playground in which you will be guided through a series of embodied practices (Breathwork/Movement/Meditation etc) to become completely present and genuinely experience the full spectrum of emotions within you, triggered through the engagement of your entire sensory network. It's been my calling to offer these tangible full body experiences to help each persons nervous system to create new pathways and consciously experience, release and rewrite old fear patterns, limiting believes or undesirable memories / emotions.

During a conscious Experience you will most likely get high on your own supply - through Breath, Movement, Laughter and Excitement! Additional Sensory stimulation through perfect Sound, Lighting, Smells and the absence of Alcohol, Substances and Phones, replaced by High Vibe Drinks & Snacks, Playfulness and Non-judgement. This setting will also allow you to experience an expanded state of awareness,  a so called 'natural High', 'ecstatic' or 'Flow State' through complete embodiment and brain-heart coherence.

Happiness instead of hangover

"These magical spaces are sustainable and keep you buzzing in your highest vibration for days after. True medicine for the soul!"

It's my absolute passion to curate these exclusive Experiences for groups (up to 20people) to help rebuild the genuine sense of human connections and community. They are perfect for bonding and team building. If you have a group of friends, a company team, a retreat group, a wedding or birthday party this is absolutely unforgettable and perfect. Please send your request (including basic details) and I'll get back to your with a proposal specifically for you and your group.

If you would like to join one of my upcoming official monthly Experience, let me know. They book out super fast and often for that reason I don't even promote them, but send out private invites to the waitlist. If you would like to be on that list and get informed as soon as we offer one, please send your contact.



Blissful Couples Sound Journey


A private experience for two that feel called to share a special moment together and harmonize with each other through sacred Sound Vibrations, in an intimate Space full of Love and intention. 


This Special Couples Experience includes:

- Welcome & Intention Setting

- Heart opening Cacao Ritual

- Guidance into Breath & Energetic awareness of one another 

- 60Min Sonic Harmonization with live instruments and magical SoundScape

- 15Min. Undisturbed integration time for the Couple with Tea and romantic atmosphere


🌈 All couples, forms of love and union are welcome, honored and celebrated here! 


Danceing, moving, shaking are powerful ancient tools to change our state of mind and energy, to get into a natural state of ecstasy. It's so liberating to let go of all judgement and limitations and just close the eyes, connect to the beat and let the body lead the way.

We bring meaning into all our Experiences, so for this one we join the hearts & minds with conscious Breath and give everyone the chance to ground and set an intentions before the Dance Journey begins.

The SoudOffExperience headphones allow for a undisturbed dance journey and serene environment all at once. The stunning venues for this off grid party set up are endless and it excites me to explore even more.




A profound multiple hour inner journey to explore the subconscious mind and experience an expansion of consciousness, supported by your own breath, non-verbal guidance and an exquisitely curated "Dream SoundScape" combining expansive digital Music & live Instruments.

We have created the most comfortable and dreamy in- and outdoor set up and have thought of every of your needs.

This Experience is happening every once in a while and also available as One-on-One or in small private groups. More details by request... 

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