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We ecstatically welcome you to join us for 6 nights at the luxurious Kibayo Retreat Center for

'EléVATE' – Embodying The True Self Through The Gateway Of Joy


Join GALEXiCA from ‘THE SPACE - within You’ and Jeff Sorensen of breathARMY for an unforgettable and transformational experience curated to provide you with the opportunity to align to and embody the highest version of you!


Situated next to the spectacular El Choco National Park with it’s own secluded garden and access to a freshwater lagoon - Kibayo provides a perfect and intimate setting for us to cultivate the higher energetic states of joy, peace, harmony and bliss through powerful practices like breathwork, movement, sound, meditation, cold exposure and so much more, while allowing the shadows of limiting belief and fear to melt away in the brilliance of the limitless light and potential within you.


This deep dive retreat will create a powerful opportunity to connect with like minded community, have solo reflective time, be expertly guided through transcendental states and also connect to the natural beauty that the Cabarete area has to offer, leaving you feeling relaxed, joyfilled, embodied and inspired to return back to your life at the end of the week and truly create the life you most deeply desire.


Come join us to elevate YOU into the best, brightest and most beautiful version of you that you came here to be!!

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ELEVATE Poster English_edited.png

GALEXiCA, a magical transformation leader, passionate Sound Creatrix, Breathworker, Visionary and Founder of ‘THE SPACE - within You'.

Through 22 years of living her life as a ‘free spirit’ and walking her own path to healing, Sabrina has become a grounded, empathic and highly intuitive space holder, that brings a wealth of soul wisdom, life skill and infinite creativity into her offerings, such as transcendental Breathwork, Sound Journeys, Sonic Harmonization, Ecstatic Dance and special co-creations with other Healers & Artists.

GALEXiCAS experienced her “musical soul awakening” in 2021 and has since been began fusing her artistic approach with holistic healing modalities to create magical, transformational and genuine inner experiences that allow people to deeply connect with themselves and each other. 

GALEXiCA’s calling is to open as many hearts and minds as possible to help humanity shift into a higher vibration. Her vision is to continue to share her Breath & Sound Medicine with her local community, as well as growing her online audience and through frequent travels, weave with other magical transformation leaders and their conscious communities.

Listend to GALEXiCAS's SoundCloud

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Jeff is the founder of breathARMY. His mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to live to their true potential. Jeff uses a variety of different tools to help people break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential out into the world.

Jeff has studied, mentored and trained with some of the world’s leading experts in breathwork and movement. Wim Hof, Brian Mackenzie, Patrick McKeown, Irene Lyon, Jhenneviev Heartt and David Shannahoff Khalsa are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, movement modalities, meditation and exposure to nature and natural stressors that help us to reconnect to our true nature and innate potential.

Jeff is certified in The Wim Hof Method (Advanced Instructor), Oxygen Advantage(Advanced Instructor), Buteyko Breathing, Nai’a Integrative Breathwork, has studied classical and advanced kundalini pranayama and is a registered 500 hr yoga teacher.

Jeff has trained as a psychedelic therapist and has consulted with various psychedelic companies, is an international best selling author, retired paramedic and resides in Kelowna, BC

Jeff works with athletes, executives and professionals looking to improve their performance as well as those of all ages and walks of life looking to optimize their mental and physical health and performance.

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KIBAYO - Retreat Center is an exceptional location situated alongside the beautiful National Park El Choco, in Cabarete, North Coast of Dominican Republic.


Providing a serene ambiance for our inner journeys and a world of tropical nature to ground into Mama Earth.


Additionally, KIBAYO is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from the famous Kite Beach and a 10-minute drive from Encuentro Surf Beach, while remaining close to the center of Cabarete.

Prices for 6 Days and 6 Nights (February 1st to 7th 2024) range from 1200$US for triple occupancy, 1300$US for double, to 1600$US for single occupancy including all meals, accommodation and activities. Prices do not include airfare or any other travel related expenses.


KIBAYO - Retreat Center

Punta Goleta 

57000 Cabarete

Dominican Republic

Closest Airports:

30 minutes Puerto Plata (POP)

1.30 minutes Santiago (STI)

4.30 hr Santo Domingo (SDQ)

Flight Times:

2 hr from Miami

4 hr from New York

4.30 hr from Toronto

8-10 hr from Vancouver

8-10 hr from California

8 hrs from Europe 

We’d love to send you more details...

Thanks for subscribing! We will be back with more details asap. Much Love, Sabrina & Jeff​

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